Star Plus Global is a end to end solution provider for all kinds of steel and metal fabrication products like

  • Pre-fabricated,pre-engineered steel structures
  • Pre engineered aluminum form work system
  • Metal profiles for construction
  • Equipments for coal, gas and renewable energy ¬†power projects

Our Products are designed and fabricated according to international standards and specifications, which are tailored to the requirements of specific project/client. Please take a look at our product section to know more about specific products that suits your requirement.

Our products fulfill the needs of infrastructure projects like thermal power stations, solar, wind and hydro power installations, industrial, commercial and large scale residential buildings.

In addition, we provide end to end metal fabrication solution for projects, through which we can provide one stop solution for steel or other metal fabricated structure systems and components from detailed design, fabrication upto delivery and erection at project site. They include steel framework of primary and secondary members like beams, columns, trusses, box columns, as well as connecting purlins, gratings, flooring, roofing designs etc.,

This is made possible by our network of steel structure manufacturing units based in various locations across PR China, which are state of the art steel structure fabrication units.

Our partner factories have rich experience in delivering quality steel structures for landmark infrastructure projects in China that powered the rise of Chinese economic development and projects around the world.