End to End Solutions

Design & Detailed Engineering

We offer design & detailed engineering services based on innovation, constant improvement. With our advice on base steel material/metals, fabrication techniques, surface treatment, painting, erection methods we provide engineering solutions for the project which can be cost effective and save on time using.

  • Auto CAD and TEKLA for detailed design of structures using 2D/3D modeling
  • PKPM software for structure design
  • Fast software for layout planning


With the support of multiple location state of the art production facilities, we ensure that the structures are made to ordered specification, quality in line with the drawings using some of the most sophisticated automatic and CN controlled machines for cutting, welding & drilling.

Real Time Online Inspection

100% of steel structures, components supplied by us are put through continuous online & offline inspection for adherence to the agreed quality standards products are also subject to various testing procedures as per the inspection & testing plan agreed with the project, including raw material quality check.

Internal Haulage

Finished steel structure components are carefully packed and transported using modern trailers with safety system for personnel and product protection till it is delivered to the destination. Similar haulage at the project end till delivery to project site will be arranged.

Ocean Transport

On request n agreement, we can arrange ocean transport of the structures to the chosen destination ports in project owner’s country using internationally certified class vessels equipped with suitable to handle the structures at discharge port.

Erection Services

Please refer to our ‘Quality Erection & Inspection Services‘ page.