Fabricated Steel Structure


Steel shapes and structures are steel items fabricated from rolled or built up steel products. Some of the commonly used structures are

  • Built-up column and beams
  • Truss members, planar and space frame type
  • Box column
  • Beams
  • Profile members
  • Crane girders
  • Steel gratings, coated & uncoated

Based on the project design, load bearing requirement and stress, the structures light, medium or heavy structures are used in combination


Steel structures are used in wide range of projects. Some of the important areas are

  • Power plants – in PHBs, coal handling plant , bunker bay, storage yards
  • Steel plants – coal handling plant, sintering plant, iron making plant, converters and shops for rolling mills
  • Ship building & repair yards
  • Refinery & petrochem – Pipe racks, equipment structures, railings, grating & floor plates
  • Airports- space frames, trusses
  • High rises for commercial and residential units

The above range represent just a few examples of structure applications. In everyday life, steel structure forms the backbone of any public utility project like highways, ports, stadiums, public parking lots as well as for large private infrastructure like high rise housing, commercial cities and techno parks.

Steel fabrication for power sector

Star Plus Global is endeavoring to become the choice supplier of prefabricated steel structures to the power sector projects. The quality reputation of our partner factories in PR China, bolstered by our successful supplies and erection of thousands of metric tonnes of such structures to thermal and solar power projects in India.

Our experienced team is committed to delivering world class quality on time, every time. Our added ability to enhance the design,engineering and production efficiency and the logistic challenges can ensure costly construction delays are avoided.

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Steel fabrication for bridges

The strong partnership we have with production units in China assures technological expertise in design, production and processing of bridge steel structure products. Our associate factories have decades of experience specializing in steel structure fabrication, design, shipment and erection at site. Project co-ordination,efficient delivery and seamless execution of supplies to your bridge project will be our single point focus. If you have queries related to your bride project, please contact us and the experts of our associate factories will be more than happy to suggest solutions.