The Star Plus Group began its journey in Hong Kong in 1993. Starting with electronics, we have added home appliances, kitchen tools, and many sundry products to our line of business over the last twenty years.

We entered the infrastructure space in 2010 by establishing Star Plus Global Limited.

Our Group Companies

Star Plus Limited – Supply chain partner to a Russian/European brand that specializes in small domestic appliances and kitchen tools.

Star Line Traders Limited – Sourcing partners for major Russian retailers in the category of household daily use products, toys, stationery, seasonal products, ceramic and kitchen tools, small electrical items and food products.

Star Plus Global Limited – Specializing in infrastructure, with focus on the following products:

  • Pre-fabricated steel structures
  • Solar panels, panel support structures
  • Steel and aluminum form works
  • Equipment supplies to thermal and gas power projects
  • Equipment supplies to chemical and construction sectors

Star Plus Global Limited – A more detailed look
We are focused on delivering customized solutions to the steel, steel structure and metal forming needs of infrastructure companies involved in

  • Power projects – thermal, gas and solar
  • EPCs
  • Refinery and chemical industry project
  • Road/bridge projects
  • Transmission line towers

We have built a relationship with some of the largest Chinese factories for heavy structures suitable for the construction of power plants and steel plants, and light structures for commercial and residential high rise construction.
Steel fabricators in China have evolved over the last 15 years to attain international quality standards and scale. Fabricators possess capabilities to successfully execute large project orders for heavy structures like trusses and build-up sections such as beams and columns.
SPG is in regular engagement with many large fabricators in China. Together these suppliers have the capability of delivering practically any form of fabricated steel/sheet metal structure for infrastructure projects.

Our quality Control Team follow established procedures of monitoring and testing to ensure “What we get is what we ordered

Competitive Advantage

  • We are backed by the most competitive and dynamic domestic market in the world for steel raw material and skilled work force.
  • Steel raw material cost makes for 50-60% of the total cost for fabricated steel structures.
  • China is the largest producer and consumer of steel in the world. It produces and consumes over 50% of the world’s steel.
  • The supply far exceeds demand for products like HR Plates, H-Beams and sections, allowing fabricators access to one of the cheapest steel prices of all times.
  • Large fabrication capacities in China were established during the last decade as a result of which per ton fixed costs are the lowest in the world.
  • The Chinese fabricators have powered and continue to power Chinese infrastructure growth over the last 15 years, which has made many of the top fabricators world class in quality and execution.
  • We take advantage of arbitrage through competitive imports.
  • Regular tracking of international and China steel prices enables us to tap price advantages at the right time from China Index based pricing.

Supplying pre-fabricated steel structures to large Indian power and infrastructure projects

Heavy Structures

Lanco International Pte Limited
Babandh (2 x 660 MW) – 22,500 MT, 70% completed
Vidharba (2 x 660 MW) – 22,500 MT, 70% completed
MB Power, Annupur (2 x 600 MW) – completed
Abir Engineering, Hyderabad
East Coast Power (2 x 660 MW) – 27,500MT; ongoing
Singhitarai TPP (2 x 660MW) – 22,500MT; completed

Light & Medium Structures

Lanco International Pte Limited
Babandh (2 x 660 MW) – 5,000 MT
Structures of pipe racks, ESP control room, CHP structures &pump houses
Vidharba (2 x 660 MW) – 5,000 MT,
Structures of pipe racks, ESP control room, CHP structures & pump houses

Local knowledge and relationships in China

We have over ten years of close working relationships with suppliers for various engineering products. The cumulative working experience of Star Plus Group’s key executives with China is over seventy five years. We are well versed with Chinese business culture and integrating the different working styles of the source coordinates and the project end.

Network Offices

Our group offices are in various parts of China – close to the manufacturing facilities. Our 30 member team in Shenzhen (Southern China),15 member team in Ningbo, (Zhejiang) and project offices in Hefei (Anhui),Suzhou (Jiangsu) and Jinan (Shandong) are our pillars in China.

Our dedicated team of technically qualified front line executives in China consist of:

  • Design drawing and detailing personnel for fabricator/project liaison
  • Team of quality assurance (QA) experts with hands-on experience in welding, fabrication, painting and packing inspection, including radiography, UT

Logistics Support

We can organize internal and ocean logistics to provide CFR Indian port offer for project cargo requirements, including discharge onto wharf at Indian port.
We are able to offer smaller lots by container wherever it makes more commercial value for the project. We work directly with major carriers and operators in China-India trade.